Carl Hart

work Public intellectual location_on New York, New York

Diversity has become a replacement for justice.

Chris Silverberg

work Television Editor location_on New York, NY

All of these Black artists coming from a Black perspective with Black ideas—that was to me really the biggest part of learning about Blackness.

Darializa Avila-Chevalier

work Paralegal location_on New York, New Yrok

College is supposed to be about thought, and not just supposed to be about practicality of making it through capitalism.

Diana Umana

work Immigration advocate location_on New York, NY

People still wanna contest the evidence. It’s not an evidence issue, it’s an empathy issue.

Eniola Abioye

work Activist location_on Oakland, California

When you teach people what’s happened and what we’ve come through, automatically you feel this sense of strength.

Garrett Duncan

work Professor location_on St. Louis, MO

Not a single one of us is where we are because of who we are as an individual. Whether we're dealing with despair, or success.

Jarrett Key

work Artist location_on New York, NY

We built this country. We’re not fucking victims. We can do this, we just have to be able to encourage and empower ourselves.

Jennifer S. Leath

work Religious Scholar location_on Denver, CO

Christianity has been dominant in the experiences of Black people in the U.S. for the past 150 years, but this is not what we always were. And this is not what our spirituality and our sense of the divine always was.

Jon Key

work Graphic Designer location_on New York, NY

To not fight is to not care. It doesn’t matter to you. You’re giving up.

Marvin Touré

work Artist location_on New York, New York

White supremacy permeates through almost every facet of our society, and art is no exception.

Nafis White

work Artist location_on London, England

I’m an artist, from a Black experience. So some of my work will be unapologetically Black. Oh well.

Nagueyalti Warren

work Professor location_on Atlanta, GA

If they don’t like you, they wanna look down on you, go ahead! But don’t create an atmosphere where I feel like less than a person.

Olivia Harris

work Musician location_on Brooklyn, NY

If you cash in your Good Black Person chip, that’s it, there’s no more. They’re not gonna give you a pass anymore.

Olivia Orta

work Student location_on Cambridge, Massachusetts

You can’t tease apart race from health outcomes in the United States, given our history.

Sam Sainthil

location_on Huntington, NY

If anyone who sought to start a movement only did it under the condition that it would be fulfilled within their lifetimes, no comprehensive movement would ever have been born.

Sariyah Benoit

work Artist location_on New York, NY

We built this country. We’re not fucking victims. We can do this, we just have to be able to encourage and empower ourselves.

Sophen Joseph

work Student location_on Atlanta, GA

There has to be something else. There has to be an alternative to whiteness.

Stephanie Odiase

work Psychology Researcher location_on New York, NY

I feel like we’re very quick to forget that these women started this movement for *all* Black lives. But we’re only hearing about Black men

Tevin Jones

work Research Analyst location_on New York, NY

Right now, this point in my life, I’m actually adjusting to being around people other than folks that are my color.

Tiffany Cooper

work Artist location_on New York, NY

I feel like this movement itself is just Black voices screaming for love.

Trevor Davis

work Graphic designer location_on New York, NY

I’m fine, I’m good—I’m just enraged, all the time, 24/7.

Vann Newkirk II

work Writer location_on New York, NY

To me, liberation means having the freedom of choice to live how you choose to live without facing danger for it.

Yelitsa Jean-Charles

work Businesswoman location_on Providence, RI

I don’t have to teach you anything. I don’t owe you shit. I’m gonna work on me, and I’m moving forward.